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Film Crews, Indian & Foreign Film Crews, Production manager, Film Directors and Assistants.


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 Film Crew:

We have done the time-consuming work for you to create an Indian resource focused on pre-production. Now you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily from just one source. We have library of various locations and people if you require we can mail you to select the best match to you storyboard / script.

We are providing both Indian and foreign crews according to the requirement of your script.

Producers Line Producers:

  • Direction Chief Assistant
  • Directors Associate
  • Directors First Assistants / 1st AD
  • Directors Second Assistants / 2nd AD
  • Directors of Photography HD / High Def / High Definition
  • Directors of Photography / DP / Cinematographers
  • Script continuity
  • Floor Manager


. Script
. Screenplay
. Dialogue writers

Production Department:

  • Production coordinator
  • Production Manager
  • Production Secretaries
  • Production Supervisors
  • Production Assistant
  • Book keeper
  • Location scouts
  • Location Manager
  • Transport coordinator
  • Runner/Driver
  • Financial Controller

Focus puller/camera assistant:

  • Video assistant operator
  • Electrician/light assistant
  • Still photographer


  • Department
  • Art Director
  • Set Dresser
  • Stage Managers
  • Prop Department
  • Graphic Designer
  • Construction Manager
  • Builder/contractor
  • Painter
  • Carpenters

Sound & SFX:
. Air ticketing domestic and international
. Negotiate with hotels
. Transporter


  • Special effects person
  • Stunt coordinator
  • Stunt man/woman
  • Sound Mixers / Recordists
  • Special Effects Assistants
  • Boom operator
  • Audio Technicians
  • Composer background score


  • Costume designer
  • Onset wardrobe
  • Stylist.
  • Makeup
  • Hair Stylists
  • Make-Up Artists
  • Special makeup artist
  • Wigs


  • Assistants Secretary
  • Accountant
  • Catering
  • Animal handler
  • Office coordinator

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