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Rajasthani Folk Music from professional musicians. Rajasthani Music Events.


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The shimmering sands and contoured desolation of the Thar Desert have cradled from centuries the old folk tradition of the people of Rajasthan. The brightness of the daily life, the legends of its heroism and romance are all captured in the vibrant and evocative music of this desert land. Folk music of Rajasthan, which is rich, evocative, heroic, plaintive and joyful, comes from a tradition that is old and undisturbed.

The music Langa and Manganihar communities developed under the patronage of the medieval Kings and princes. These are traditional communities and their skills are handed down from generation to generation through verbal teaching.

Other singing communities also abound in Rajasthan. Singer of the Charan, Bhat, and Bhopa communities used to sing in royal courts, often in praise of the King. Communities like the Kamads of the Pali region sing devotional songs of Lord Ramdev, often accompanied by the Terahtaali dance.

In Rajasthan the folk instruments have developed according to regional settings & environment. Some folk instruments are hundreds of years old in style and are comparable to the classical music instruments in quality of music. Every instrument is still made and played according to same tradition and passion.

String instruments like Sarangi, Rawanhatha, Kamaycha and Bhapang add haunting melody to the music. Percussion instrument like Dholak, Nagara, Chang and Dhap add the rhythmic beat to joyous music.

A variety of wind instruments complete the multitude of folk instruments which include, Algoja, Satara, Murla, Nad, Poongi and Shehnai. And then there are instruments like Kartaal or Morchang (Jewish Harp) that are unique additions to the great repository of folk instruments as they are unlike any instruments found anywhere in the world.

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